Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Vials

So, I finally sat my butt down all day, and did some long over due photo uploading and editing. :-)

Here are the 4 newest Wee Lands vials. They all measure 2 1/2 inches *with* cork and all the ingredients have been lovingly(ofcourse..)handcrafted by yours truly. Enjoy! :-)

The Venusian Love Vial:
She contains organic roses, a sprinkling of my 'Invoke Beauty' magic incense/powder, 5 rose quartz beads, and a glittered up image of a Vintage-y looking rose. The cork has been 'Glitterfied' as well. And a lovely bit of old timey cream lace wraps about the neck. :-)

The Faery Vial:
Contains a very wee hand rolled beeswax candle, an organic pink rosebud, some faery moss, sparkly glitter(is there any other kind??) and a wee oak leaf made out of Japanese washi paper. Also Glitterfied(ofcourse) :-)

The Druid's Door Vial:
From my personal collection, I have created a mini world's view of the Druid's Door. The Knower of the Oak. The image within is of an Oak door, flanked with 'large' green oak leaves, which rests on a piece of vintage sheet music. It is said that all the plants and flowers of this world, were created from the music of the Dagda's Harp, in the Otherworld. At the base of the Druid's Door, is Faery Moss, along with a very deep purple Amethyst bead. Amethyst also being a Gatekeeper. The cork has been transformed into a Golden Key to Faery. Topped, ofcourse, with the cap of the Acorn.

The Magician/Witch's Vial:
Again, from my personal collection. Nestled in a top Faery Moss, are a labradorite bead, a very wee hand rolled beeswax candle, and a teeny Book of Shadows and Light that I made. The Book pages are parchment, the covering vintage lace, and the spine is made of antique victorian lace. On the front of the Book is a Crowned Heart. :-)

I do hope you Enjoyed parousing my new little vittles!


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