Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Beauty....

So I've made these Delicious Little Vials of Magical Powder/Incense, called Invoke Beauty(which you may acquire Here).

A Blend of freshly ground dried Organic pink Rose petals, Sandalwood powder and Orris root- amongst other things. It has been charged and is ready for your Use.*

A note on Beauty then. And 'Invoking' it...

Here's the Thing- Beauty, along with Love, is ever present and the natural state of the Universe. And therefor of Us. :-)

So the Invocation to and of Beauty is more of a removing of any blocks and a Re- Alignment with all of our Natural states :-)

Need more Beauty in your life? Need more Love in it as well? ...Remember that both of these are who we all Inherently Are. So Breathe Deeply and Open all of your Self, in stillness, in quiet contemplation, to the true Beauty and Love that always has been, always is, and shall always be. Regardless.

Wishing you All sweet vials of Beauty, and Ships full of Love♥


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay for Gabe

I had the Good sense to look up an old friend last summer upon returning to NY, and the Good Fortune to finally catch up with him in person a few weeks ago. Above is the west coast faery for Gabe, of the twin coast fay that I made.

Below are shots of the little vial of Love for him as well.. The vial has a glittered pic of a vintage style rose in it, along with organic pink rose petals, and a Sweet organic pink rosebud. Nestled amongst the Roses, are a faceted sunstone for Sunshine, a moonstone for Moonlight, and a lovely pearl for Wisdom.. The top of the cork is embedded with a faceted Rainbow moonstone briolette..

I'm also currently in love with my ship stamp, so every thing I make has been getting one. :-)

Happy Sailing everyone...
Wishing you All Loves that are ripe with Sunshine, Moonlight and Wisdom....


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Full Moon/Lunar Lughnasadh!!!

"hoof and horn
hoof and horn

all that dies
shall be reborn

corn and grain
corn and grain

all that Falls
Shall Rise Again"

"August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne"

...And so the Wheel continues to Turn..

Thank Goodness!!!

May all of You who are of this inclination, have a Blessed Full Moon and Lunar Lughnasadh. And in Honor of the Beginning Harvest Tides, here is a delightfull pic of a very Faerytale mushroom- which includes in the background of the pic, wee plushie versions of Arwen and Aragorn that I got from a lovely Etsyer:

And here is a Lunar Lughnasadh Blessing as well. From Me to You. :-)

And So It Is, We Come to Harvest Tide Again:

May the Grace of The Alfar Protect You

May You Know Peace and Beauty Upon Your Journey

May You Be Blessed With An Abundant Harvest

May You Reap Honesty and Truth, as True Wealth

May You Be A Hundred Times Blessed With Friendships That Are Fellowships

May You Reap The Bounty Of Identifying And Then Living Out, The True Joy That Is In Your Deepest Heart

May You Dream The Brightest Dream For Your Life,

And By The Same, May You Be Blessed With The Courage To Go Out And Live It

Walk In Beauty

Talk In Beauty

Be Beauty

And By Whichmever Road You Take,

Be It A Soft Country,

Or Thicket Lined Wood Of Faery,

Know That The Grace Of The Alfar Is Beside You,

If You So Seek It, And Give Them Koad

May The Grace Of The Vanir Protect You

And May You Seek Strength Over Complacency

And Be Duly Blessed This Harvest Tide

Brightest Blessings,
copyright 2007, 2008 -Ayanna H., aka A Luminous Spark*

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Things....! :-)

Ok. So I am a Crappy blogger.. :-P As in weeks fly by between my posts, and I'm barely even aware of it. In my defense this time around, I've had non stop daily issues with my net connection as of late. But more importantly(and Excitedly!!!...) I've been making and designing Lah-OADS of new preciouses :-)

I'm designing lingerie, cuffs/gauntlets, and corset type wears- all out of vintage lace. Some lace from the 70's, but most of the accents are from *Gorgeous* Victorian and Edwardian lace I've acquired. :-) I Love Lace!!!

I'm also making paper doll 'puppets'. As in paper dolls with movable parts. All Fay thus far. :-) Not shocking! Also wee little 'altars'/stories within wee corked glass vials, collage arts, and all kinds of Yummy Goodness. I present for your perusement a brief sampling of Almost Done creations from my workshop :-) :

Cause Brown faerys with Green Afros are all the rage :-) (She's getting her red brads replaced with antique copper ones, as well as getting Glitter-fied) :

A Lovely Wee Land within a Vial, depicting the Glories of Faery:

And one of my Fave new pieces, it's a collage about my relationship with the Scandinavian Sea God Njord, His son Freyr, and an ex! It's almost done... I'm still waiting on the Muse to decide if it's going in a shadow box theater, or a backed hanging with vintage fabrics and lace... It too(like most things...)is getting a wee bit of glitter. At least on the lower left hand corner altar to Njord :-)