Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Things....! :-)

Ok. So I am a Crappy blogger.. :-P As in weeks fly by between my posts, and I'm barely even aware of it. In my defense this time around, I've had non stop daily issues with my net connection as of late. But more importantly(and Excitedly!!!...) I've been making and designing Lah-OADS of new preciouses :-)

I'm designing lingerie, cuffs/gauntlets, and corset type wears- all out of vintage lace. Some lace from the 70's, but most of the accents are from *Gorgeous* Victorian and Edwardian lace I've acquired. :-) I Love Lace!!!

I'm also making paper doll 'puppets'. As in paper dolls with movable parts. All Fay thus far. :-) Not shocking! Also wee little 'altars'/stories within wee corked glass vials, collage arts, and all kinds of Yummy Goodness. I present for your perusement a brief sampling of Almost Done creations from my workshop :-) :

Cause Brown faerys with Green Afros are all the rage :-) (She's getting her red brads replaced with antique copper ones, as well as getting Glitter-fied) :

A Lovely Wee Land within a Vial, depicting the Glories of Faery:

And one of my Fave new pieces, it's a collage about my relationship with the Scandinavian Sea God Njord, His son Freyr, and an ex! It's almost done... I'm still waiting on the Muse to decide if it's going in a shadow box theater, or a backed hanging with vintage fabrics and lace... It too(like most things...)is getting a wee bit of glitter. At least on the lower left hand corner altar to Njord :-)


Jennifer said...

Looking good in blue? Your new work looks awesome and you seem very excited! Vacation was awesome, I'm still taking it in even though I've already returned to wrok :-(

Jennifer said...

That was supposed to say "Looking good in blue!!", LOL, a "?"has a whole nother connotation, sorry!

craftgoddessathena said...

Wow, love all the new fairy things you're crafting...the paper dolls are very unique! Green haired fairies...LOVE IT!