Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Time

...and the living is Easy.

At least I hope it is for all of You!

I've been buzzing about taking pictures of my new projects(lace, lace, and oh yeah- did I forgot to mention Lace?? ;-p), market finds, yummy dishes prepared, etc.. I simply haven't gotten around to posting any of them, along with descriptions!

Along with everything else, I also work as a Creative Arts and Herbs teacher in Brooklyn 3 days a week, and I am preparing right this second to go in for my adult class.

Today I'm doing a workshop on Organic, healthy drinks for the summer time!
So I'm leaving earlier than usual, so I can pop down to the Union Square GreenMarket(it's on 4 days a week...I can be found there at least 2 of those days per week ;-} )and get some fresh materials.

So in the class I'll go over the benefits of all the different ingredients I'll be using. Such as- organic lemon juice, agave nectar instead of sugar or honey, bundles of fresh, local and organic herbs, etc..

Drinks on tap to teach today:

-'plain' Organic Lemonade
-Strawberry Mint Lemonade
-Elderflower Cordial
-Lemon Verbena Sun Tea
-Hibiscus, Orange Peel & Ginger Iced Tea
-Herbal Ice Water
-Edible Flower Floral Ice Cubes
-Vanilla Lemonade

I'm sure that will soak up more than the full 2 hours! Yum Yum!

Are Ya thirsty yet??? ;-)

Oh! ...and A Blessed Full Moon, and Happy Freya/Freyr/Frigga's Day to Everybody :-)

-Ayanna* xx

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