Saturday, July 25, 2009

{In} Sketch

Just a wee peek, into some of the Lovely Ones currently appearing in my sketch book....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a {Berry} good day

I really do love a good forage through the wildwoods, hedgerows, what have you... So on Wednesday, I headed out to the hedgerow, along the creek, near my home, in search of some ripe wild berries. And I found some!

The above photos are of golden currants(yum! yum!), and purple Saskatoons(also known as service berries, shadberries, and June berries). If you've never had Saskatoons, they are sweetish, with a lovely nutty flavor, once you really dig in.

Right near to the wee little golden currant tree(it's really a bush, but was not at all bushy lookin'!), was a yummy red currant variety. Mmm... Juicy!

This last berry photo, is of the red variety of the Saskatoon. Also with a nutty-ish flavor when you bite in.

What did I do with all of these lovely hedgerow treats?? {Besides the obvious, of simply gnoming on them, directly, of course} The red Saskatoons, I baked, just this afternoon, into a yummy cinnamon granola. The purple Saskatoons were Dee-licious a few days ago, a top of some yummy hot oatmeal with raisins(it was coldish that morning!). And the red currants I baked into some strange, but very tasty little treats, with random ingredients left in my house, pre- grocery shop. Blue cornmeal, chocolate and red currant little brownie bites. They were weird! But, they were good! The golden currants, I simply gobbled up, as is. :-)

While I was down by the creek, I dug up just a few wild onions. So delicious! So pretty!

I hope your summers are progressing very nicely, and that you too are having some very berry, Berry good days :-)


(p.s.- as I am rolling in dried organic lavender buds, I was planning on doing a give away, here at the Luminous Sparky blog. But, alas! Though I know there are some readers, it's been pip quiet, so need to know if folks are out there to participate in an upcoming Give Away. Sing! Lovely Lurkers, Sing!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Car Show!

Summer Saturday's in Missoula, are blessed with many a festive happening. There are 2 farmer's markets, 1 craft market, and always some show/event something or the other, happening down by the River at Caras park.

I spend my Saturdays, generally, at the Clark Fork farmer's market, because it is close to the river and I, too, have an occasional stall there.

Then I wander under the bridge, over to Caras park, to see what's happenin'. This weekend, to my extreme old car and motorcycle lovin Delight, that there was a muscle car show on! Hurrah! {If I am extra "good", can I puhleeaze have the mint condition Ford Mustang??? Puhleeazzee??? Lol.}

After all that good time havin', it was a cycle home, and a nap amongst the flowers for me.