Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Car Show!

Summer Saturday's in Missoula, are blessed with many a festive happening. There are 2 farmer's markets, 1 craft market, and always some show/event something or the other, happening down by the River at Caras park.

I spend my Saturdays, generally, at the Clark Fork farmer's market, because it is close to the river and I, too, have an occasional stall there.

Then I wander under the bridge, over to Caras park, to see what's happenin'. This weekend, to my extreme old car and motorcycle lovin Delight, that there was a muscle car show on! Hurrah! {If I am extra "good", can I puhleeaze have the mint condition Ford Mustang??? Puhleeazzee??? Lol.}

After all that good time havin', it was a cycle home, and a nap amongst the flowers for me.


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