Sunday, July 12, 2009

a {Berry} good day

I really do love a good forage through the wildwoods, hedgerows, what have you... So on Wednesday, I headed out to the hedgerow, along the creek, near my home, in search of some ripe wild berries. And I found some!

The above photos are of golden currants(yum! yum!), and purple Saskatoons(also known as service berries, shadberries, and June berries). If you've never had Saskatoons, they are sweetish, with a lovely nutty flavor, once you really dig in.

Right near to the wee little golden currant tree(it's really a bush, but was not at all bushy lookin'!), was a yummy red currant variety. Mmm... Juicy!

This last berry photo, is of the red variety of the Saskatoon. Also with a nutty-ish flavor when you bite in.

What did I do with all of these lovely hedgerow treats?? {Besides the obvious, of simply gnoming on them, directly, of course} The red Saskatoons, I baked, just this afternoon, into a yummy cinnamon granola. The purple Saskatoons were Dee-licious a few days ago, a top of some yummy hot oatmeal with raisins(it was coldish that morning!). And the red currants I baked into some strange, but very tasty little treats, with random ingredients left in my house, pre- grocery shop. Blue cornmeal, chocolate and red currant little brownie bites. They were weird! But, they were good! The golden currants, I simply gobbled up, as is. :-)

While I was down by the creek, I dug up just a few wild onions. So delicious! So pretty!

I hope your summers are progressing very nicely, and that you too are having some very berry, Berry good days :-)


(p.s.- as I am rolling in dried organic lavender buds, I was planning on doing a give away, here at the Luminous Sparky blog. But, alas! Though I know there are some readers, it's been pip quiet, so need to know if folks are out there to participate in an upcoming Give Away. Sing! Lovely Lurkers, Sing!)

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subversivehippy said...

Chirp, Chirp!

I just loved reading about everything you came across during your outing today. A perfect mid-summer report, thank you. It inspires me in this sometimes ratrac-ey Washington DC area.