Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Cap Love { joie! }

I have been having a Crafting Love Affair with said fly agaric faery 'shroom for going on weeks(well, months, really)now. Napkins are oh so more delightfull, when they've a mushroom or oak leaf upon them ;-). The little sachets were made for a local all natural kids shop, and are stuffed with organic lavender.

But pins. Oh, I've been sewing and sewing(and gratefully, selling and selling) lots and lots of little fly agaric pins! The felt is made from 50% recycled plastic bottles, and the innards are shtuffed with 50% cotton, and 50% non gmo spun corn fiber. And all of their little backs are from different lovely cotton remnants from other Crafty goodness projects.

Two pins, have actually made it into said Luminous-y Etsy shop..


and here:

Fantabulous Day, peoples!

Remember to Consciously count your blessings, as the shit things are quite good at counting themselves. ;-)


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