Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raven Queen in the Countryside....

So I've been gone, baby, gone from this blog for almost 3 months! With good reason, however. In my last post I talked of Dreaming on Hearts and Homes. Well, I whisked myself off from NYC, to the countryside of Missoula, Montana(!). At least for this summer(a move to California is still in the "most likelies" column). :-)

I am currently living on 20 acres of land, with 3 Horses, 1 dog, and 6 chickens. And some humans, ta boot :-). Here is a wee glance in what Daily Life looks like for me at the mo':

Baby ducks, at the next door organic farm, glancing into a humoungous cage, that at the time of the photo, was filled with more than a hundred baby chickens :-)

Danny and gus, here at the house:

And I am back to the Crafty Goodness of making my Fay Art. Here's a Lovely picture of the Raven King pillow. Made of delicious recycled cotton from India, black tulle, and organic pink roses and lavender flowers:

"Welcome Back!" Says I, to Me, to You. this Blog, that is....


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