Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Beauty....

So I've made these Delicious Little Vials of Magical Powder/Incense, called Invoke Beauty(which you may acquire Here).

A Blend of freshly ground dried Organic pink Rose petals, Sandalwood powder and Orris root- amongst other things. It has been charged and is ready for your Use.*

A note on Beauty then. And 'Invoking' it...

Here's the Thing- Beauty, along with Love, is ever present and the natural state of the Universe. And therefor of Us. :-)

So the Invocation to and of Beauty is more of a removing of any blocks and a Re- Alignment with all of our Natural states :-)

Need more Beauty in your life? Need more Love in it as well? ...Remember that both of these are who we all Inherently Are. So Breathe Deeply and Open all of your Self, in stillness, in quiet contemplation, to the true Beauty and Love that always has been, always is, and shall always be. Regardless.

Wishing you All sweet vials of Beauty, and Ships full of Love♥


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Hi there! I want ships full of love...I like that :-) Your words and energy always help me to connect too my wandering soul!