Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Full Moon/Lunar Lughnasadh!!!

"hoof and horn
hoof and horn

all that dies
shall be reborn

corn and grain
corn and grain

all that Falls
Shall Rise Again"

"August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne"

...And so the Wheel continues to Turn..

Thank Goodness!!!

May all of You who are of this inclination, have a Blessed Full Moon and Lunar Lughnasadh. And in Honor of the Beginning Harvest Tides, here is a delightfull pic of a very Faerytale mushroom- which includes in the background of the pic, wee plushie versions of Arwen and Aragorn that I got from a lovely Etsyer:

And here is a Lunar Lughnasadh Blessing as well. From Me to You. :-)

And So It Is, We Come to Harvest Tide Again:

May the Grace of The Alfar Protect You

May You Know Peace and Beauty Upon Your Journey

May You Be Blessed With An Abundant Harvest

May You Reap Honesty and Truth, as True Wealth

May You Be A Hundred Times Blessed With Friendships That Are Fellowships

May You Reap The Bounty Of Identifying And Then Living Out, The True Joy That Is In Your Deepest Heart

May You Dream The Brightest Dream For Your Life,

And By The Same, May You Be Blessed With The Courage To Go Out And Live It

Walk In Beauty

Talk In Beauty

Be Beauty

And By Whichmever Road You Take,

Be It A Soft Country,

Or Thicket Lined Wood Of Faery,

Know That The Grace Of The Alfar Is Beside You,

If You So Seek It, And Give Them Koad

May The Grace Of The Vanir Protect You

And May You Seek Strength Over Complacency

And Be Duly Blessed This Harvest Tide

Brightest Blessings,
copyright 2007, 2008 -Ayanna H., aka A Luminous Spark*

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