Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ABC carpet & home

So let me introduce you to one of my favorite shops here in New York City- ABC carpet & home, which is in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. I love this area of Manhattan in general, where Gramercy, Union Square and Flatiron all kinda merge. This area is home to my favorite of all the city's Barnes and Nobles, the one on 17th street, off of Broadway.

Anyway, back to ABC. If you have never had the good fortune to spend several hours of your day parousing the high end 'Faery Couture' -as I like to call it- that is the 6 floors of glory at ABC carpet & home on Broadway at 19th street, then you are really missin' sumthin'!

The first floor of home decor, accessories, stationary, etc.; the children's mezzanine; and the 3rd floor of bedroom luxuries and bathroom accessories and apothecary treats, are all my favorites. And ABC's consistent focus on eco consciousness and sustainable practices in it's buying and selling, and in your buying, add to it being one of my favorites.

I will Luxsh(lushing on about {eco} luxury) on about ABC some more, along with piccies(pictures) in the near future- meanwhile, here is a photo of my favorite most recent display there(the entire shop is one big visual, tactile Orgasm for the Artsy inclined)- a gorgeous bed bedecked in pillows, throws, branches, etc... all in yummy Goth Couture shades of pinks, and heather and muted greys.

I love that the headboard reminds me a bit off a tombstone! How decadent and class, that I could have that in my bedroom, and etch or paint on to it, "Here lies Ayanna". Lol. Which would be true. Every night... *

talk soon, xx

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