Friday, August 14, 2009


Safety means many different things, to many people. These photos are about small letter 's', safety, for me. I always need to be living near Movement. Flow. Some kind of moving body of water. And when living and working, back home in NYC last year, I took my energy moving Rivers where I could get them.

There is a calmness. serenity. and safety(small letter 's'), and healing that I would find from going to Grand Central Station during rush hour.

When I was stuck. Or couldn't see clearly. This was my "moving body of water" that I would often go to(as opposed to the Hudson, or East rivers. Though I went to them as well..).

I would sit somewhere, or stand in the midst of the hurried flow of NYC humanity. And like standing knee deep in a rushing river, or stream, I would let myself go into that rapture of rapidly flowing water.

And surely, surely, I would feel my cobwebs dislodge. My energy free up.

I regularly look for Nature's patterns, in places, also, where others are not looking.

And I find them.

I find them...

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