Saturday, January 5, 2008

a New Road...

Hello, and Welcome* :-)

This is my first entry in/on my new Blog for my Etsy shop:
I'm a multi-disciplinary Artist/Artisan that likes to make Beautifull things. In which ever medium pulls my attention in that particular moment.

I will share what I can, when I can, and thank you Sincerely for your interest in my work. :-)

The above photo is one I took this summer. An Opening coming back out of the Woods and into the sun lit grass. It seemed a good first photo to share here. As trying out 'the blog thing' is a new road for me and my store.

Thanks for stopping by. Do so often. I will share inspiration and insights as I am moved to do so.

Feel free to leave kind comments.

All the Best*
Seeing you Soon-

Peace in Action
a Luminous Spark*

1 comment:

Blossombabies said...

Hello, hello, and welcome to "blogland"!
you have made a beautiful start, I am enchanted...