Monday, January 7, 2008


I choose to live and be a conscious Engaged Artist.

If my Art does not in some way,on some level mirror some basic Truth in terms of what it is to be an Engaged sentient being who holds the concern of all beings as part of my own concern- then what use is my Art?? I choose to constantly endeavor, to serve some greater good beyond solely my own. In fact, I would argue that if something that is good 'for me', is not also good beyond that sole conceit, then maybe I need to reconsider it's value all together.

2 nights ago, ABC/Disney made the decision of who you and I, as the public should hear or not hear,when they decided to exclude candidates from the New Hampshire debates. Regardless of who you support in this election, the idea that All Voices should not be given equal due, is insulting to all of our intelligence.

This is not a competition for who will be the next 'celebrity' to be voted off of whatever. These are the Campaign Debates for who will be the next President of our Country. So when the contestants on any given 'reality' show, have more rights to being heard then the official candidates running for the highest public office- Something is deeply, deeply and fundamentally wrong.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the Change that has to occur. It's not some external force that we have no control over. It's deciding within ourselves to actually back up not just in speech, but in action that which we claim to uphold as citizens of a Democratic Nation.

Between illegal wire tapping, illegal torture, illegal detainment, illegal invasions, media censorship and unfortunately a whole slew of other offenses against the Constitution of the United States of America- It is very much legitimate to pose the question, whether or not we can still use that title 'democratic' to aptly define us, the U.S. of A., in it's totality.

If you have a problem with the fact that media such as ABC television and Fox, have excluded candidates from both of their New Hampshire Debates. And thereby, attempted to decide for us what they think is best for us. Say something. Write a letter to ABC, Fox, Disney, the FCC. Talk about it with people who you may or may not agree with. Engage.

If you don't have a problem with the fact that the media is deciding who we are or are not allowed to hear during the Presidential Debates, now is a good time to ask yourself why not?

Peace in Action,
Artist, Citizen, Human Being.


Blossombabies said...

I hear you Anna, I hear you!

thimblescratch said...

Thanks for saying this, it needs to be said, shouted, and repeated over and over until every American realizes that their democracy has been stifled and usurped, and it is up to the PEOPLE to regain their government "BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE", which is no more as it has been stolen by "Special Interests".

Everyone should be talking about it, shouting about it, repeating it, and fighting to regain our slipping DEMOCRACY, instead of being placated by celebrity gossip and a meatless media.