Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chin Up!

We are currently experiencing one of the most trying Mercury in retrograde to come down the road in quite a long time.

This merc in retrograde is taking place in Gemini. It's ruling sign. Hence the even worse then usual communication crapola. Super effecting all air signs as well as analytical types of people(Scorpios, Virgos, etc.).

All this while Neptune has also gone retro. Neptune in general having to do with deep, *deep* foundational emotions. As well as illusions on an emotional level.

So combine that emotional confusion of what's real and what's not in terms of feelings and behavior- with communication breakdowns and massive wire crossings...It's been a bit of a mess really. Lots and *lots* of 'in' fighting amongst close friends and connections.

We can use it, be aware of it, avoid it, and when possible turn it into something else all together useful.

But it still sucks ass when your in the midst of it...

Needless to say, Merc in retro is usually very Lucky for me. And when it's difficult I look at it like this-
-through the annoying complete breakdown of communication in all it's forms, and regression to things here-to-forth thought resolved, that
'Ole Winged Foot Messenger gives you a three week crash course in
'Deep Issue Resolvement'

The problem is, this accelerated 'learning'/'growth' period feels exactly akin to 'Holy Shit, Everything Deemed Important Is Hitting The Fan'

Try to stay positive by reminding your self that mercury *is* in retrograde. ..As opposed to everyone and everything just being sucky and nuts. Keep perspective on all that

Though a vacation in a Cave til June 19th does sound Right... :-)

"Maybe MIR is a good thing for me. Still can't wait till it is over though."

Yeah. That's the general sentiment. ;-)

It'll all make Healthy and Harmonious sense in the long run, but right now all this dust kicked up is just getting in your eyes...

Coping tips for this Mercury/Neptune in Retrograde:

Vis a vis Merc in retrograde. Yes. It is absolutely possible to re channel the energy. And to focus and Expand on positivity. The hardest part this time around is more the where it's retro and the messyness of Neptune retro being combined.

Just requires a little more focus. :-)

In a nutshell:

-Focus on what you DO want. No matter how disparaging things seem right now, know that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, and that all this shite going down, is the Universe CLEARING THE WAY FOR SOMETHING FANTASTIC TO COME INTO OUR LIVES


-Have Utter KNOWING in your heart of heart that EVERYBODY Loves You :-)

-Spend more time with people that are committed to the above. There is energetic Power in numbers in general, and especially at this time

-Outside of a bi-daily(morning and night)Gratitude list, ALSO take the time to write down ways in which YOU ROCK. Celebrate how much YOU ROCK. And all around CONTINUE TO ROCK :-D WooHoo!!!

-And ABOVE ALL ELSE *REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE A CHOICE*. Maybe not in what happened. But in how it will continue to un fold.

I Choose Happiness :-)

-(c) Ayanna H.


Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a note on my blog :-) This post of yours is so right on for me...I'm gonna keep being positive and telling myself how I rock!

Thanks, Jennifer (gingerlime)

Jennifer said...

Hi again! The workshop was part guided mediation and writing and then this bookmaking experience based on our meditation. It was at Joseph and Beth Booksellers and absolutely phenominal!

Women who run with wolves cam up. I haven't read it but I think I need to.

susie said...

i love this post -- thank you for sharing it!

Holly said...

Great post, very positive and reminded me of what I know is the Truth! Thanks and Namaste!

Darlene said...

Thank you for a wonderfully positive view on Mercury in retrograde. It helped me!

aLuminousSpark said...


Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. :-)

Hope merc retrograde ended up being somewhat fruitfull, and that your all enjoying it now being back Direct. :-)

Happy Summer Solstice*