Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't Cling. Let Go.. Float...

("..anybody knows you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon" -Tori Amos, 'Suede')


When one chapter of your life ends- ...Mourn.

When someone you trust Disappoints you- ...Mourn.

When the person you love misinterprets everything you've said- ...Mourn.

When loneliness creeps up on your skin- ...Mourn.

When you can't let out, when you won't let in- ...Mourn.

Mourn every little death that comes thru you and your door

Surrender to It, so it won't Haunt you Anymore. ...Mourn.

Don't fight sorrow. That sadness and or tears
-that 'blues'-
is washing you away
to another Shore.

Grieve. Let yourself indulge in the bliss of everything you think you'll/you've miss/missed.

Endings are important. Every Death carries a Gift.

If you don't mourn these little dyings, what will fertilize your new growth???

So Mourn....

Because Grief can linger, and wedge itself
into the corners of your life.
The lines and curves and fringes of your body.

Can cover you like an invisible cloak,
made of Thistle and Thorn

..that'll never keep you warm.
So Mourn...

But don't linger...

Die for dying's sake
But also Die for Birth...

Don't Cling.

Let Go..


(in the Floating, release yourself into the Bliss of All. Allow and Receive All's Nurturing and Love.
Then Surround Your Self in a shimmering light blue/white blue light. Then fill your self up with Rose Gold light. Be still. Let the Bridge appear of it's own accord. Step on to it. Cross it. Born.)

Don't Cling.

Let Go..


-(c) Ayanna H., 2008


Jennifer said...

Beautiful and true.

designs by bonzie said...

this is a really powerful piece, I like it a lot!!


aLuminousSpark said...

Thank you both, Ladies :-)