Friday, October 3, 2008

Gothish Mornings :-)

Ok. I realise I'm posting at night, about my morning..well la de dee! Who cares! ;-P

One of my favorite 'get my mornings going' activities ('specially if I'm out of any kinda sorts..) is to pop in the 'Nightmare before Xmas' soundtrack first thing in the morning, post meditation.

In that vain, here's some silly Goodness from Yours Truly. Some to be found in my shop :

Here's Brown Jack The Pumpkin King, which you can purchase here :

Next up is Ghastly Ghoul Silly Friend, which you can purchase here :

And last, but certainly not least, Smiling Friend, who's already found a home as part of a trade with the Lovely Mrs. B. for some Organic Blueberry Mead! Yum yum!


Jennifer said...

Hi there! I was wondering how you are! I love these. Very cool...or should I say very ghoul...sorry about the BAD pun, LOL!

A Luminous Spark said...


I *lurv* bad puns! ;-P

Will convo you!